Wolf Garten Multi Change Handle 142cm



Boasting the highest standards of engineering and manufactured in Germany, the ZMi15 Aluminium Handle is part of Wolf Garten’s line of multi-change® handles and can be used with any tool head in the range. At 142cm in length, the ZMi15 is particularly handy for use with the moss removal rakes. It also allows those who are 5’5” or above to work in comfort without unnecessary bending down or back-strain. The ZMi15 features an easy lock-and-release system thanks to the push-button, allowing you to change the tool head in seconds. The PVC sleeve meanwhile ensures you can maintain a secure grip on the handle, while its design also helps to minimise vibration and shock transferred to your hands while you work. Finally, the ZMi15 is guaranteed to be a long-lasting and durable piece of equipment thanks to its strong but very light aluminium construction. 

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