Stihl BG56C Blower



Stihl BG56C-E 27.2cc Petrol Blower is a lightweight blower from Stihl  built with a 27.2cc petrol engine. Weighing a mere 4.2kg, this machine is the ideal for clearing paths and lawns of grass clippings and fallen leaves. Ergonomically weighted, the machine is comfortable to hold and move in a sweeping motion. 

The Stihl BG56C-E really is an all year round product for keeping the Garden clear of debris. The 27.2cc petrol engine produces 0.7kW or 1.0bhp output to create an airspeed of 85 metres per second or a whopping 730 cubic metres per hour. Its a great blower, Easy to use and very effective. Equipped with the ErgoStart feature to enable easy starting.

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