Agri-Fab 36" Tow-Behind Lawn Roller



Hitch the Agri-Fab 45-0268 up to your lawn-tractor and breeze your way through large-scale flattening and stripe-creation applications.  Its rust-resistant poly drum measures a substantial 91cm in width, so a fast work-rate is assured; while its central-mounted baffle ensures there's none of the rough-ground flexing that can damage the poly and compromise results.  
When the Agri-Fab 36" Tow-Behind Lawn Roller is fully-water ballasted, it weighs around 181kg, so even the most pronounced mole-hills won't stand a chance.  It weighs just 21kg when unballasted, so it will prove easy to transport and store; and the drum edges have been rounded off so as to prevent gouging during turns.

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